5 simple home remedies to treat lower back pain

5 Simple home remedies to treat lower back pain

Lower back pain is what a lot of people in the world struggle with. Sitting in front of computer screen for the maximum hours in a day, or working on fields must have given a stiff back. This lower back area is called lumbar spine or lumbar. And the pain it gives is simply called lumbar pain.

Yes, we know it bothers the other everyday activities and makes everything else slower and painful.

Let us know more of what cause the pain and how can we treat it to an extent at home.

What causes low back pains?

  • Some common daily life activities that we go on with might cause the muscles at the lower back strain and hence cause pain.
  • Tissue injury; due to pulled lower back muscle or ligament
  • Poor posture is the most common cause for maximum cases of lower back pains.
  • Arthritis- an inflammation in joints in the spine.
  • Abnormal spine curvatures like scoliosis, lordosis

Certain things we can do at home to cure the lower back pain are not due to any injury or arthritis.

The cold and hot treatment

Heating pad or hot pack can help here. Heat it till a point you know you can bare the hot, and place on the area where it pains. There can be other heat therapy as well like a hot water bath or shower. It improves blood flow and relaxes the pain for a while at least. Hot packs must be left on for not more than 20 minutes to not cause any damage to your skin.

Like hot, cold might help soothe the pain as well. Ice pack or simple pack of frozen peas will do. Or just take some ice cubes and wrap it in a cloth and on the affected area. Make sure you keep lifting the ice from your skin at intervals and do not directly apply it on your skin. Do not do it for more than 20 minutes.

Find out which one soothes your pain, hot or cold?


Stretching after you wake up in the morning is am old yet a very effective way of treating your lower back pains. It improves muscle’s elasticity and flexibility. Along with that it helps you to control your muscles better. Just by lying in your bed stretch your arms over your back and keep it like that for a few seconds. Next, bring one knee closer to your chest by folding it and try to touch it on your chest. Then do the same with the other one.


Rub on salves, ointments or skin creams where your back feels stiff. The menthol, camphor present in these products helps to cool or heat or even numb the affected areas.

Ask someone to massage it, if massaged downwards might help better. It will soothe the pain for a brief while.

Get proper sleep

5 simple home remedies to treat lower back pain

Inadequate sleeping in an uneasy position may strain your back causing to pain. Certain positions in which you sleep particularly might help relief the pain. Sleeping in fetal positions or with pillows in certain ways is effective.


A relaxing massage will not only benefit you physically but mentally as well. It helps in reducing stress. It will relax your mind followed by much lighter mood and sound sleep. Try diffusers with aroma oils going on and slow music while the massage. Guide with how much pressure to apply and where exactly to the person massaging.

Note: These home remedies are for pains that are due to strains in your back muscle or stiffness and other common reasons. Make sure you see an expert for extreme cases or in need of guidance to identify the cause of the pain and follow their recommended treatment.


Lower back pains are common with many people and certain effective at home remedies can help soothe it. Maintaining a good poster throughout the day equally matters to keep your back healthy and pain free.  

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