If we consider both walking and running, then the conclusion would be that both forms provide excellent exercise of our cardiovascular system.

Your preference would differ as per your goals you intended to achieve as per your fitness level.

 If you are wishing to lose many more calories in the shortest period of time then you must take running as the suitable option (if your fitness level allows you to).

But if you are willing to be gradually fit then walking is considerably a great option.

Look both are in a way similar ,the difference arises on the goal and the time you decided for yourself to achieve it , at the same time how much you are physically competent to do.

Which is better?

Both walking and running are known to have similar benefits but as a fact running burns almost double the amount of calorie as the walking does.

If you are looking for fast weight loss in a minimal span of time and your fitness level allows you to then you must opt running over walking.

But if you are a tyro in the domain of exercise then you must start with a slow pace in order to become smoothly consistent in it, hence walking would be your must and the first priority .

Also walking can be doable for all type of exercise .

Hence certainly we can consider walking as versatile one.

Walking boosts you’re your heart beat at a slow pace without giving much tension of body especially for new comers and

Obviously both walking and running will give you boost in your level of energy.

What to prefer , if looking for weight loss

There are many types of walking which should be compared with running.


  1. Doing walk while weight vested on you.
  2. Walking in speed
  3. And inclined walking

Walking with weight

Walking with having or carrying weight will reduce more amount of calories then simple walking do.

But in order to ensure safety you must not carry more than 5-8% weight more than your body weight.

Speed walking

Speed walking is another way to reduce more number of calories then the normal walking does.

You are require to walk more than the normal pace approximately 3-4mph more, consider as power walking.

Also with walking you must be following effective work out technique , it will boosts the benefit percentage.

 Inclined walking

Inclined walking require uphill walking.

It is known to burn as much fat or calories as the running does.

Inclined walking is much more effective then any normal walking.

You can search yourself any road or hilly /uphill area or can also use treadmill.

Start inclined walking firstly at the slow pace then slowly or gradually increase it further.

Advantages of cardio

Both walking as well as running known for the benefit of cardio.

Health benefits of cardio-

  • Boosts the stamina
  • Enhance the capacity of immune responses
  • Prevent heart issues
  • Chronic conditions
  • At the top most burns the unnecessary fat.
  • Very good for your mental health.
  • Cures anxiety or depression
  • Lifts up the mood

and ultimately upgrade the quality of your life.

There are many research which supports the aforesaid benefits of cardio exercises.

Beneficial or risky

As walking we have previously discussed is the activity which people from all age groups can perform.

But on the other hand running requires physical competence.

Running is a hardcore cardio exercise , at the same time awesome for weight loss and in order to shape your body by removing excess fat.

As when it comes to workouts with high impacts , are much harder to perform i.e. running.

On the other hand walking is suitable for almost everyone.

Running is a great go but also has some limitations or several drawbacks

  • If you have witnessed any sort of body injury before then running may accelerate the stress level on it.
  • Also many research supports the very fact that runner are more prone to injuries..etc.

Hence you should be conscious in order to opt your preference.

Note :

From above we can easily draw the conclusion that walking and running both are great go and posses excellence of cardio benefits.

All you need to do is to choose them consciously according to your requirement and fitness level.

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