Foods High In Niacin And Why You Need Them

Chicken is rich in Vitamin B3
Chicken is rich in Vitamin B3

Niacin, also known as vitamin B3, is one of the eight B vitamins that are water soluble. It is needed for the proper functioning of your body.

The vitamin is usually obtained from the foods you consume. To make sure they get enough, some people take a niacin supplement. Others may take prescription niacin to treat health problems like high cholesterol.

Niacin comes in two chemical forms: nicotinic acid and niacinamide (nicotinamide). Both can be contained in foods and B3 supplements. Niacin, like the other B vitamins, aids in the conversion of food into energy. It also acts as an antioxidant and helps in DNA repair.

Why You Need Niacin?

It is a vital nutrient that must be obtained primarily via food. One of the body’s amino acids, tryptophan, can also be converted into the nutrient.

Your body does not store niacin because it is a water-soluble vitamin. Any extra vitamin is excreted into your urine. It’s important to eat niacin-rich foods on a daily basis to ensure you’re getting enough.

Like the other B vitamins, it is involved in a variety of bodily functions. It’s used by the body for things like nervous system control and metabolism.

The Vitamin Also Plays Role In:

  1. Improving Heart Health
  2. Improving Brain Health
  3. Improving Skin Health
  4. Improving Digestive System

Foods That Are Enriched With Vitamin B3 Are-

1. Fish

It is abundant in fish, especially salmon, tuna, and anchovies. 8.3 mg of the nutrient can be found in both sockeye salmon and canned tuna. It is just 1mg per fish in canned anchovies, which are also a good source of selenium.

2. Chicken Breasts

Chicken meat, especially chicken breast, is a high-protein and niacin-rich food. 10.3 mg was contained in a three-ounce serving of skinless breast meat.

3. Brown Rice

The color difference between brown and white rice is one of the most noticeable. The nutrient content is also an important difference. Since brown rice is less refined, it retains more vitamins and minerals, including niacin. Cooked brown rice has 5.2 mg in a one-cup serving.

4. Avocados

Avocados are an excellent plant-based source of it, in addition to being high in heart-healthy fats, fiber, and potassium. One whole California avocado, skin and seed removed, contains 2.6 mg of B3.

5. Nutritional Yeast

Protein, iron, folic acid, zinc, and selenium, to name a few. It also contains niacin, as well as other B vitamins. In 1 tablespoon, you’ll get 39.4 mg of B3.

With nearly double your daily recommended niacin intake in such a small serving, you should be careful not to overeat. Niacin in high doses can cause facial flushing. Although it is usually not harmful, it can be unpleasant. It goes away after a few hours as well.

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