Gas is the major threat to the people who suffered it on a regular basis or witness it occasionally .

It can happen through many reasons but major among them all is indigestion.

 Main causes of gas pain

  • Intolerance of food
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Stress
  • Lifestyle habits

Food Intolerance

There are people who lack in the quantity of lactase , enzyme which is responsible for the digestion of food especially milk products.

The difficulty in digesting milk products named ‘’lactose intolerance’’.

While some may not able to digest gluten and that’s called ‘’ gluten Intolerance’’.

And these conditions may the reason to cause excess in gas trouble.


A lot of number who are suffering from the issue to constipation and it plays a significant role in causing the indigestion and gastic troubles.


Indigestion may cause as the result of-

  • Your eating habits
  • Are you properly chewing your food or not
  •  Amount and combination of food you are having as the part of your meal.

When you eat something there are lot of bacteria , fungi and yeast which is responsible in breaking down your food which for reason not processed in your small intestine.

The other reasons may be related to having less number of enzymes responsible for the breaking down the food.


Stress may be the leading cause of indigestion because when you undergoes in stress then your liver produces glucose in excess in order to give you energy and this process will get affected as when you undergo chronic stress which can cause you many health related problems like diabetes .

Also excessive rush in your hormones ,  enhancement in your heart rate, rapid breathing when in deep or chronic stress can disturb your digestive process.

Lifestyle Habits

A lot many habits which contribute in major sense in your gas pain like  

  • What you intake
  • How long do you chew your food
  • Overeating could be the major contributing cause
  • Drinking water while eating or just after eating also disturb your digestive process.


Gas pain can be very painful and usually comes in suddenly results into sharp pain and can cause you an acute discomfort in form of stomach ache.

You may experience bloating and sharp stomach cramps.

You will witness like something trapped inside your stomach and pinching you from inside.

Measures you can take at Home

  • Must try some yoga postures
  • Massage your tummy by applying little bit of Hing
  • Drink warm water sip by sip
  • Some herbs will work as wonder like fennel(soof), cumin seeds, asafoetida (hing)…etc.

Yoga poses

Yoga poses can do wonders for you .

And there are some particular poses related to gastic trouble only like-

  • Lie on your back,
  • Relax a bit
  • Stretch your legs to 90degrees
  • Then fold them as you are trying to bring your knee close to your face.
  • Bring your knee as much close to face as you can
  • Be there for few second for say 20-3-sec
  • Repeat the same few times and you’ll witness the trapped gas releasing from the body.

Apply little hing on your tummy and massage

Hing , asafoetida is the magical herb must be applied if you are facing any issue of indigestion or gas , it will do wonders in such situation.

And at the time when witnessing the trapped gas just mix little hing in warm or lukewarm water ,

Apply it on your tummy’s navel area and massage it in a circular direction.

The trapped gas will pass out.

Drink warm water

Drinking warm water , sip by sip can relax you and do wonders in the case of indigestion and gas trouble.



Kitchen is the first medical store of any house.

There are a lot many things which will benefit you a lot like the aforesaid one was hing , which is the prime ingredient to cook any dish, specially if that dish is known to cause gas issues.

So are some other herbs like-

  • Hing , being the prime one . you can use it in several ways but 2 main are

1.add little bit of hing in warm water and drink it.

2.apply hing by mixing it will warm water , in navel area of your tummy and massage it in circular motion.

  • Take half a teaspoon of cumin seeds in one cup of warm water , boil it till water remains half cup and drink it lukewarm.
  • Same do with fennel, soof.
  • In case of acidity , take half teaspoon of soda (sodium bicarbonate/ baking soda) mixed in a glass of water and drink it.

Use aforesaid methods and you will witness the benefits.

What to do in order to prevent trapping of Gas pain

We have always heard about that prevention is better then cure, so applies here .

To combat the pain you can use above measures ,

As in order to prevent it take following measures-

  • Focus on what you eat,
  • And it’s very important how you eat, there Is a saying that if you are chewing any food properly then you’ll will in every aspect digest it as well. Hence , in order to digest whatever you eat always keep in mind that first you are suppose to chew it well.
  • Drink ample amount of water, but do not drink water half an hour before and after taking a meal it could result into indigestion as food require heat generation in order to digest and drinking water highly impact that process.
  • If you are prone to gas then do avoid taking food consciously which are known to cause gas.
  • After taking afternoon meal take some rest while lying down in bed and after evening meal take a long walk and do not jump into the bed just after having dinner this is also the contributory issue in causing gas.
  • Make a specific timing for your meals , do not stay long without anything also remind yourself as a world of caution , not to overeat, because staying long without having anything and overeating both can be disastrous .
  • Do some physical activity like jogging, walking or Yoga on a daily basis as a part of habit.

Note :

Gas troubles can be extremely painful and can cause acute discomfort.

And it’s main cause is indigestion hence , do focus on maintain and taking care of your digestive system .

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