things to eat after junk binge

Things to eat or drink after a junk binge

Eating lip-smacking pizzas and pasta and all other fried food gives immense pleasure to our taste buds. You also know the after having this junk. Your digestive system has to go through a lot of flustering work as these foods contain a lot of sodium and saturated fats.

What happens after consuming junk food?

  • You feel thirsty a lot after having bread-based or fried dishes. Sometimes certain kinds of rice items may make you feel bloated.
  • Junk food binge causes inflammation in the body which makes you feel gassy and uneasy.
  • Consuming fast food or junk food disrupts the daily recommended intake of sodium, sugar, fats, and calories; this misbalances your hormones and metabolic functions of the body.
  • Eventually, your metabolism slows down due to this food and burns fewer calories and fats. This lowers the energy levels and makes your body inactive.
  • If this continues for a longer time, junk food consumption can cause major health-related problems including heart diseases, obesity.

Knowing the harmful effect I know we just cannot restrict ourselves from having all those heavenly tasting dishes. But we can reduce having it and can take certain measures to curb its effects.

Water/ lemon water

lemon water

You feel thirsty more often after having junk food. It is because of the excess amount of sodium present in the food. Sodium causes water retention so it is of utmost importance to keep drinking water.

Warm water with lime can do even better job to digest the junk.

Water based food such as watermelon, peaches can help deal with bloating.


Ginger is a great savior for cutting down fats. It also helps reduce inflammation in the body which will prevent from forming of gas in your body.

Having it with water or in tea or onion ginger and green chilly porridge are some options to soothe the problems after having junk food.

Green Tea

green tea benefits

Green tea works wonders for your stomach and digestive system.

It burns fats, lowers the cholesterol levels in your body, and helps burn calories quickly.

Having a cup of green tea after a few hours of junk binge will help burn those extra belly fats and burn calories.

Unsweetened Cranberry juice

cranberry juice t

It makes it easy to digest food after a junk binge and reduces the bloating and gassiness. Cranberry juice flushes out all the unwanted bacteria from the stomach and intestines which may cause some harmful effects for the organs.

 It is specifically said to have an unsweetened one because junk food usually contains a high amount of sugar too, a sweet juice will add more to the bad effects rather than soothing it.


yoghurt digestion junk food

Yoghurt helps to balance the good bacteria in body to digest the food easily. Low fat yoghurt with honey or fresh cut fruits is a great option to consume when feeling full after meals.

Butter milk

Like yogurt buttermilk too has good bacteria that break down food easily during digestion and makes the task easy for your body.

It is even better because buttermilk is a water-based drink and water is beneficial for the body in many ways, especially in digesting food.

Summing it…

Fast food or say junk food has become unavoidable for many, although, it has its harms to the body one just cannot restrict themself from junk binging completely. A happy junk meal once in a while does not cause much harm to the body when the aftermath is taken care of by certain simple ways to follow.


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