6 reasons post dinner walks are good for health.

Post dinner walking or post any meals perhaps walking has been very beneficial in many ways. Studies have shown that a 30 minutes’ walk after meals per day reduces the risk of developing heart disease by 19%

Walking has also been proved good for beating depression and stress relief. A low to high-intensity walk after dinner can make huge differences in your routine and health if practiced regularly.

Let’s explore the reasons why walking after dinner is beneficial.

Improves digestive system

The first and foremost thing beneficial of the walk is your digestive system. Walking increases gastric emptying; the process after eating and your stomach passing on the food to your intestines.

It helps in absorbing the nutrients and minerals that the body just consumed through food.  Your body starts breaking down the nutrients gained from the food and by walking you are making things easier for your body and digest food faster and smoother.

It helps sleep better

It helps sleep better

Walking reduces stress and lightens your mood. Going to bed after you have had a detoxing walk will relax your body and mind. Your thoughts will be sorted and you will feel better.

A brisk walk will keep you less up at night as it boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin, Dr. Carlson an associate professor of medicine at Harvard school, said.

Step up your creativity!

A great walk in the second half of the day, especially after dinner will set your mind on a creative ride. A Standford Study has found that walking boosts creative output by 60%

It opens the free flow of thoughts and ideas, you can see different perspectives of a thing. Your mind gets a break from all the work and stress you’ve been through the whole day and hence it starts having different thoughts.

Boosts Metabolism

A good walk helps boost metabolism. It burns calories and your metabolism gets more active. Well-active metabolism burns more calories and hence, more fat burning. Isn’t it a win-win!

Post-meal walks are good exercise for maintaining your shape and control your weight.

Boosts Energy

Now, when your metabolism is stimulated you know your energy levels will be high too. You have more energy and feel great about your body to maybe plan your next day or schedule your activities before going to bed, that feels like a burden when low on energy. But walking may make you feel better and energized to be a little more organized.

Balances Blood Sugar Level

Balances Blood Sugar Level

 A 30 min walk every day can help prevent diabetes; walks will lower your blood sugar levels. While walking some of your glucose will get used up and your blood sugar will be in control.

Post–meal blood sugar levels are hiked, well a little is okay but a bigger hike can lead to type 2 diabetes, so walking is a good way to lower those sugar levels.

The bottom line

Post-dinner walks are extremely beneficial. Just pull up your socks and go for a walk and you will see the wonders it does to your health. Blood sugar levels, metabolism, creativity, sleep, walking keeps all these in check, and well, it’s free too!

Start having your post dinner walks today itself.


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