Walking towards healthy mind and body

Walking towards healthy mind and body

Walking is the most accessible form of exercise one might ever come across. You do not need any equipment for that. No need for s skill set or expertise; you do not have to pay any membership fees either and no trainer needed as well. Its causes no injury as well unless you trip over something while walking, of course.

But that is it, you just need your body and a motive of walking to get better. A pair of walking shoes will help you walk better perhaps and a little bit of time from busy schedule.

Everyone says walk to have a healthy body or to lose weight and lose some stubborn fats off your belly. But are these the only benefits of walking?

Read on to know the many benefits of it; walk towards a healthy mind and body.

Improves cardiovascular health

Walking daily for at least 30 minutes is going to strengthen your heart. And studies show that it reduces the risk of coronary diseases by 31%.

Increasing the intensity of walking; brisk walking and distance per day will give you even better benefits to your cardiovascular health.

Helps you sleep better

Walking every day helps you to beat insomnia. Studies show that walking and especially forest walking improves sleep depth and quality. Research found that walking helps sleep better and improves sleep quality but doesn’t show any noticeable effects duration of sleep.

Post dinner walks are even better both for digestion and better sleep.

Walking helps boost your creative side

Walking towards healthy mind and body

What many people does when they are not able to find a solution to an issue regarding their work or relationships or themselves is taking a walk outdoors. It helps them clear their minds and have new perspectives regarding the problem.

Walking opens free flows of ideas and increases your creativity. Studies prove that it improves creativity in real times and shortly after.

Improves blood circulation

Walking improves blood flow in your body. Walking creates larger pressure waves in the body that significantly increases blood flow up till the brain.

The blood that flows carries oxygen and all the necessary nutrients with it and passes on to all the organs perfectly. Any exercise that your body does increases your blood circulation, walking is the easiest one you can choose.

Improves mood

Walking towards healthy mind and body

A good walk can lighten your mood and relax your mind. A study of 2018 resulted that even a 10 min walk can improve your mood when compared to less least activity or no activity.

Walking when stressed can divert your mind from your problem. It will make you realize that there is more to life and you can tackle the problem you are in.

Burns calories

Walking towards healthy mind and body

It is the easiest way to burn some calories and a step closer to that ideal digit on the weighing scale.

The walking speed, intensity, distance covered, body weight will affect the amount of calories you burn.

A calorie calculator will help you keep a track of the calories burn. Or smartphones now a days have many applications to keep a track on your calories.

Boosts Energy

Walking will increase the blood flow in your body hence oxygen flow throughout the body and rise your energy levels. If you are feeling unproductive, go for a walk it will keep healthy mind and body.

Going for a walk when feeling low kickstarts your productivity.

Some studies suggest that walking 10000 steps day is ideal and new studies say 7500 steps are ideal in a day for an average individual.

Read https://healthphit.com/how-many-steps-to-walk-daily/ to find out the ideal number of steps to walk daily


Walking is free, easiest form of exercise and beneficial in many many ways. It keeps your heart, lungs, mind healthy and productive. Walking does not just improves your physical health but takes care of your mental well being as well.

A pair of walking shoes might help you to keep your healthy mind and body; so grab on to your pair of walking shoes and have a happy walk.

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