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‘‘Health is the state of complete physical, emotional, and social well-being, not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity.’’

All of us want to maintain positive health, i.e., a perfect blend of physical,
social, and mental. Taking adequate amounts of essential nutrients in our
diet is necessary to maintain positive health.

Physical fitness is good bodily health; it is the result of regular exercise,
proper diet and nutrition, and proper rest for physical recovery.

A healthy lifestyle is an intelligent combination of exercise, nutrition, and a positive mindset. Being healthy and fit is often a matter of our own
choice. If you are smart, you will take an elevator to reach the 12th floor; if
you are smarter, you will take the stairs. The choice is yours!

Remember these points before you undertake an exercise program.

  • The human body is a complex machine. Two individuals would not
    respond alike to the same exercise or nutrition because of their
    peculiarities of genetics, age, sex, medical history, body composition, emotional well-being, etc. Therefore, you have to experiment with your body and find the best exercise and nutrition solutions that suit you.
  • Look around to find ‘real people who are healthy and fit. Study their
    pattern of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and see if something can
    work for you also. You may get many small but useful tips from
  • Many of the top world sports persons are vegetarian and practice Yoga, meditation to enhance their performance.
  • Mind and body influence each other. Without the focus of mind, you
    cannot reach your peak training potential.

A healthy body with a healthy mind should be our objective.

  • Beware of all those books, machines, and miracle foods claiming to give you a muscular body with six-pack abs within a week or month without any workout.
  • Invest more time and money for your health and fitness. Take out daily at least half an hour for vigorous exercise.
  • Never compete with others. Compete against yourself.
  • Aim for fitness with health. You must understand that health and fitness are two different things. Physical health can be described as the smooth functioning of all our systems including nervous, energy, skeletal, endocrine, cardiovascular systems; it is not merely the absence of any disease. Mental and emotional well-being is the other important aspect of health.


  • Biological aging is delayed. Your aging process is influenced by your
    genetics, environment, and lifestyle.
  • your arteries and blood vessels can deliver more oxygen.
  • coordination and balance.
  • Regular exercise improves brain power, gives lightness to the body,
    decreases anxiety and depression, makes you confident, and enhances
    the feeling of well-being. It gives you sufficient energy reserve to
    excel in your day-to-day life whether at home or at the workplace.


  • Assume correct body form and maintain it throughout the exercise.
  • Know about the muscles to be targeted and focus on them while
  • Proper breathing is very important during exercise.
  • Use weightlifting belts in case of lifting maximal or near-maximal
    weight while doing structural exercises.


  • Warm-up well before starting the training.
  • Focus your mind especially while lifting heavyweights. Salads and weight loss. 5 weight loss salad recipes.
  • Obey the discipline of the gym. Don’t leave weights, bars, etc. unattended on the floor.
  • Never hold your breath while lifting weights.
  • Have a spotter (partner) especially during lifting of heavy free weights.
  • Avoid the ‘too much too soon’ approach.
  • Always use proper form and technique.

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