Should we eat banana as a pre-workout snack?

Should we eat banana as a pre-workout snack?

Bananas are one of the most easily available fruits that are loaded with many nutrients. You can find bananas almost everywhere and they are portable as well. You do not even have to worry about refrigerating them. Bananas are also said to be a good snack pre-workout snack.

Every workout session needs some preparations before we start it. Like wearing suitable clothes, fetching any equipment if needed, water bottles, shoes and of course having a pre workout snack. Though there are not many studies resulting that banana is the best thing to have before a workout but it probably is.

Read on to know why banana makes a good pre-workout snack.

Bananas have good amount of carbs

Carbs are broken down in glucose which provide energy to the body or they are converted into glucose. Carbs increase the glycogen stores in the body which are in the form of glucose stored in muscles; and then used for energy during workouts.

A medium sized banana has 27 grams of carbs. Some experts advice consuming carbs rich food 15 minutes before running or working out enhanced energy levels that the time to exhaustion increased by 13%

Good in fiber

Bananas are the only fruit that differ in nutrient benefits according their ripeness. Unripe bananas have lots of fiber called probiotic starch. When bananas ripe this fiber changes into soluble form of it.

The other soluble form of fiber is pectin found in banana that moves slow from your digestive system and gives you feeling of fuller gut for longer time. Hence, eating banana before workout is useful because you don’t want to feel low on energy or hungry midway.

Good source of potassium

A medium sized bananas provide around 10-14% of potassium of the recommended daily value. Potassium regulates blood pressure level and control fluid balance.

Why bananas are beneficial due to their potassium content is, potassium supports muscle health as well. It contributes to the regulation of vascular smooth muscle contraction and growth as studies show.

Boost your B6

B6 is a vitamin that bananas provide which we need for keeping our nerves working efficiently. Also, it modulates blood sugar levels and aid majorly in the production of red blood cells.

Bananas provide around 50% of the RDA of B6. B6 metabolizes protein that promotes muscle growth. And therefore, having banana as a pre-workout snack can help yield the benefits better.

Bananas are easily digestible

Bananas are easy to breakdown and assimilate for the body. Working out will make your body stretch and run and push towards the difficult end of flexibility of your body. You do not want your pre-workout snack to be heavy for your gut make you feel bloated. This will make sure you don’t get any cramps or aches during your session. And they are packed with all the nutrients that will energize you and keep you full yet light.

Hence, having bananas as pre-workout is no harm but even better and beneficial.

Make your pre-workout banana snack tastier and better…

Should we eat banana as a pre-workout snack?

A banana smoothie with some protein powder makes and amazing pre-workout snack.

Pair your banana with peanut butter or almond butter to go even healthier with your snack.

Banana and cooked oats and maple syrup make a good pair as well.

Not just cooked oats but banana oat breads will also give you equal or more benefits.

Working out empty stomach is not a good idea at all. You might feel low in energy and will not be able to reach your set goal. Always try to grab something on the way to the gym or 30 minutes before your sweat session to keep you full and energized. Protein shakes are good options and the ones with the goodness of banana are even better.

The Bottom line…

Grab a couple of bananas on the way of your gym or you workout at home just have one few minutes before you start. The carbohydrates and potassium and other benefits of bananas will surely boost your workout session and you will see benefits when continue to have a pre-workout banana snack.

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