post-workout nutrition quick snacks

Post-workout Nutrition- Quick snacks

You just finished a good sweat session and now feel hungry, you look for options for what to eat that could repair your just torn muscles and give you the energy to go about for the rest of your day. And end up craving cheesy fries and nachos and eat them thinking “I can cheat a little as I worked out so hard for past 45 minutes.” Just don’t do that to your body please. Post-Workout meals are as important as pre-workout ones.

Why post workout nutrition is important?

Food can help you gain the optimum benefits of working if planned out well. When you work out your body uses the glycogen stores for energy.

This creates a need to consume protein rich and healthy food after work out to rebuild glycogen and repair the torn muscles. Eating nutritious is extremely important to meet this need.

Your body needs good amounts of protein, carbs and good fats to increase glycogen levels and recover.

Why protein, carbs and fat after post-workout?

Protein helps repair and build muscles. When you workout muscle protein breaks down. A high in protein food will provide amino acids to repair and build the muscles.

During workout, glycogen levels go down as the energy is used. Carbs helps in recovering the glycogen store.

Fat will slow down your digestion of food but proves to be beneficial. Consuming food that has some amount of fats will enhance the muscle glycogen synthesis.

Here are a few things you can add in your post-workout snacks list

Apple with peanut butter

Peanut butter provides protein and when paired with fruits like apple makes it a bit crunchy and healthy. Adding almond butter instead of peanut butter also makes this post-workout light yet healthy snack even better.

Adding nut butter will help as it has some amounts of fats and protein; both enhances restoring glycogen levels.

Cottage cheese and fruit

Another rich source of protein is cottage cheese. It is a form of dairy protein in the form of whey protein which is a good quality protein and casein a low-digestion protein; both improves muscle growth.

Cottage cheese are available in different levels of full-fat, 0%, 1%,2% so you have a choice to make according your fat necessities.

Fruits are food in carbohydrates and fiber. Pairing a fruit with cottage cheese will double the benefits of your snack.

Eggs and toast

Post-workout Nutrition- Quick snacks

Eggs are good sources of protein, probably the highest amount of protein is found in eggs and also good source of cholesterol. Both aid the muscle recovery.

A whole grain toast along with it provides carbs, protein, fats as well as calories. You might find out that this is the best post-workout food as it is also easy and quick to make.

A protein powder smoothie

Protein powder smoothie with a banana will provide you with all that your muscles need after a sweat session. You don’t even have to worry about gaining extra calories as there are bare minimum in protein powders.

Whey, milk, casein, choose any kind that suits your body and add banana to it. It’s a quick fix!

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Protein bars

Post-workout Nutrition- Quick snacks

Protein bars are made for this purpose- it’s the best post or pre workout snack. High in protein, good with necessary fats and oils because they have nuts and dried fruits in them along with the goodness of whole grains; protein bars are a quick on the go snack.


A bowl of oatmeal will help you regain the energy and provide you with good carbs, fiber and protein.

Add on some nuts for crunch or whole grains and naturally sweeten it a bit with berries. A milk oatmeal will work equally good for a post workout meal. The proteins from milk and carbs and fiber from oats make a good and healthy combination.


Yes! Water is supremely important as other foods after a workout. You need to hydrate yourself post workout as your body has lost lots of water through sweat. It relaxes your muscle and aids their repair and building.

Enhance the benefits of drinking water by adding flavors to it like apple cider vinegar or a combination of lemon mint and ginger. Cucumber or watermelons are equally good. Or simply keep sipping plain water.

Summing it up…

Post-workout nutrition is very important to regain all the energy used during it and repair and rebuild the muscles. Hydrating is significant as well. Plan your post-workout before you start your session so you don’t have to worry about it when you are done with exercising and all drained. Just sweat get ready, sweat and go enjoy your post-workout meal!

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