6 foods that will help boost immunity during COVID-19

7 foods that will help boost immunity during COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic is a big challenge in front of the whole world right now. Several studies are going on to find out more about its impacts on health, preventions and precautions to be taken, vaccines and the like. Since it is an illness without any proper medications to prevent from getting diagnosed, it is utmost important to boost our immunity; so we can at least minimize its effect.

Right now, what we can do to prevent the illness is take good care of our health by taking various precautions like following safety rules, wearing masks, using sanitizes.

All this will help prevent the spread of Corona virus to a great extend. But what we also need to be careful of keeping our immune systems at its best to fight this and other various diseases and save the scenario from getting worse.

Foods that will help boost immunity


7 foods that will help boost immunity during COVID-19

Turmeric is used in many dishes since ages. It not only adds the beautiful yellow color to your dishes but gives you certain benefits too.

This bitter spice has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It helps sooth the soreness in worked up muscles. The curcumin present in turmeric is proven to be immune booster.

Add half teaspoon in a glass of milk or in your curries, it will surely benefit you.

2.Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits, boost immunity
citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grape fruit, lime, tangerines are good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin C helps produce white blood cells in our bodies which fight various infections. Another magic that this vitamin present in citrus fruit does is ward off the cold away.

A freshly squeezed orange juice or a few drops of lemon in your food, it will benefit in their own powerful ways.


7 foods that will help boost immunity during COVID-19

Garlic has immense powers to boost our immune systems. It has compounds called allicin which aids to fight cold and flu.

Other ways garlic helps is by distressing. Researches show that when you are stressed most your body loses its ability to fight infections. Garlic fights this stress and keeps your stress levels at checked.

Garlic has antibiotic properties to ward off infections. It is been added in many dishes not only for its rich flavor but for its anti-microbial benefits as well.

4.Green tea

7 foods that will help boost immunity during COVID-19

One of the best and most trusted anti-oxidants is green tea. Packed with flavonoids and L-theanine- kinds of anti-oxidants; work for warding off toxins from body and help fight infections.

Green teas help preventing coronary heart diseases by promoting fats oxidation and preventing obesity. Hence, it keeps good care of your heart.

Flavonoids are known for its toxin flushing properties and L-theanine present in green teas aids production of T-cells.

T-cells fight infections and diseases.


boost immune system
plain yogurt

Yogurts are good sources of vitamin D. It helps to improve our body’s natural defenses.

Yogurt is rich in nutrients and boost health if consumed regularly. It also helps in weight managing and reduces risks of many other diseases.

Pick plain yogurts instead of flavored ones which have large amounts of sugars. You can naturally sweeten the yogurt by adding fruits for flavors and nuts for extra crunch.


Almonds are packed with Vitamin E which prevents cell damage. Vitamin E wards off colds and flu.

It gives a great boost o your immune system. Almonds have fat soluble; which means presence of fats in body is necessary to for its nutrients to be absorbed.

7. Ginger

boost immune system

Another natural anitoxidant is ginger what helps fight nausea and cold. The main ingredient called gingerol is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

It fights flu, colds, EBV and other bugs. Ginger is also good for flushing out toxins from your body. It helps relaxing sore throats as well.

A good cup of ginger tea will help you boost your immune system.


Although no studies have proved yet these foods will prevent or cure the COVID virus. Studies are still on to understand the virus and its impacts better.

Talking to doctors and experts before starting a new food habit is advisable. Some may even trigger or develop allergies by certain ingredients. Hence, taking an expert advice is always better.

boost immune system

Other steps to follow for improving your immunity

  • Exercise regularly. Exercising along with good diet will benefit to its maximum. Keep your body active and functioning by involving yourself in physical activities.
  • Stay hydration. Drinking enough water is as significant as eating healthy food. Hydration will flush out toxins from your body and help you boost your immunity.
  • Mental well being. It is important keep your mind healthy too along with your body; specially in these stressful times. Staying home, work from home might take a toll on your mental wellness and it might affect your physical health. Take time out of your schedule to do activities that refreshes you and makes you feel lively.
  • Sleep enough, rest well. Do not cut short your sleep. A well rested body functions well. Sleep is equally important for your brain to function well. Try meditation or other calming activities to sleep better.
  • Follow all the safety rules like wearing masks when out, using hand sanitizers, maintaining social distancing and stepping out only if its necessary.


COVID-19 has created havoc in our lives. In these times, it is utmost important to keep your mind and body healthy and safe.

A healthy diet will help you improve your immune system.

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