As covid19 was declared a pandemic by WHO 1year ago and since then the virus has changed its forms and severity level.

Now it has become so more complex to stop than it was at an earlier stage especially since this 2nd wave of covid19 proved to be more dangerous and putting so many lives in danger every minute.

In order to get rid of the virus and process of making it less serious is not yet been found.

We as a human are incapable of stopping it ,from taking so many lives.

 We have undoubtedly improved ourselves in dynamic fields like in railways, roadways, technology, and in medication as well but this will also remain as an undeniable fact that we all with all these resources are not able and competent enough to save humans from suffering and battling every single minute for the breath.

Covid is more a respiratory disease than any other viral disease so it always put an impact on the Lungs, it makes breathing the common and essential survival process difficult by affecting the respiratory system.

Hence the strong respiratory system should be our first priority because the technology has miserably failed in serving the relief so all we are left with is the strongness in organs and strengthen will power.

But where technology failed there are many effective home remedies that come into play that still proves to be effective.

They are;

  • Camphor, clove, ajwain & few drops of eucalyptus oil
  • Breathing in and out
  • Lay down on your belly
  • Yoga

Camphor , Clove ,Ajwain & few drops of eucalyptus oil

Camphor clove ajwain and a few drops of eucalyptus oil are known as the best home remedy to cure shortness of breath.

You can put all of the aforesaid ingredients in a small piece of cloth and make it potli.

And smell it .

This is known to be the hack for mountain climbers, when they feel deprived of oxygen at higher altitudes they smell aforesaid.

Look as this will may work or maybe not so, do not rely on much but when you have no other option take it as an option.

But you can smell it after little duration and keep going if see the result.

Breathing in and out

Breathing exercise will make your lungs stronger and open them and as a result, the abundance of oxygen would not be an unachievable task for you.

Breathing exercise will also help you in calming yourself down as the abundance of oxygen will make you feel better and this way you’ll prepare yourself for the challenging situation if any.

Now have a look how you will perform the aforesaid ;

 All you have to do is take a deep really deep breath, fill your lung with the breath and then release the filled air from your mouth.

This way you are letting your lungs open up and providing surplus oxygen to your body.

Then all you got to do is to repeat the above step atleast 20 to 30 times.

So, if feeling a little incapacitated do it forcefully because you cannot compromise on the health of the lungs.

Lay down on your belly


 This technique will let you maintain the oxygen level and bring it to the normal time when facing difficulty in breathing.

This is one of the savoir research science gave to humans .

As the lungs are the first target which was an attack by the virus and if possible the virus damages the lungs and affects the imbalance and difficulty in breathing which is the cost a human life.

What virus do is it slowly makes the lung inactive and incompetent to make oxygen so, the person facing difficulty in breathing faced difficulty in laying to their back ;

Hence it is suggested they lay down on their belly and take a deep breath so that their oxygen level will come to normal.

Do trust this way and do not panic because it will only worsen the situation further.

All you have to do is measure your oxygen level and if the reading is dropping below 90 then only you need to be worried.

If the reading is above 95 you are absolutely fine.

And to increase and maintain the level of oxygen ;

Lay down on your belly and slowly, to the intensity possible take a deep breath, and most importantly do not panic and you will soon be fine just keep the track of your breathing and the reading of the Oximeter.

lying down on other postures may also help;

Lying on right side


lying on left side-


Sitting by making 60-90 degree angle, in fowler position

Caution: do not do posture if-

pregnant ,

suffering from major cardiac conditions & deep venous thrombosis.

unstable spine, femur, or any pelvic fractures.


See yoga is the self healer .

The person practicing yoga every day will not come in contact with a virus only and if comes also will easily recover.

So, if you are the yoga practitioners you need not worry at all and if not then also fine you are at the right palace.

There are so many breathing exercises in yoga which will heal entire body providing ample amount of oxygen and surplus blood flow to every part of the body.

The yoga asanas are;


Kapal bhati

Aulom volom

Surya namaskar…etc.

Yoga is the blessing to human race and you need is to make the best use of it and get benifited.

Apply these above said method as a first step towards cure if facing any difficulty in breathing and do not panic, look this is the time to be strong and fight against the disease .

Keep reminding yourself that

” This shall too pass”.

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