Covid-19, a trending virus taking hell lot of life.

And on the other side vitamin D which is known for it’s magical benefits on human body is the part of the active research by many scientist out there.

Top reason being that it is a fat soluble vitamin which plays a vital role in our body.

As when it comes to the deadly virus Covid , we are apart from being so developed in diverse areas still not able to find the absolute cure of this deadly virus.

People , researchers & doctors say that prevention is the best cure to this virus but what if it still catches you then?

Trust me again preventive measures can save you from the effects because medical research and tools had miserably failed this time , medical science has been not able to detect the cure till date.

Many researchers claim that proper amount of vitamin D can save you from the virus but cannot rely on much as absolute result is still not come up.

But at the same time this will also remain an undeniable fact that the more you follow the nature the less you are prone to this virus.

And this is also true that the consumption of vitamin D from it’s very natural source i.e. Sun will boost your immune system to the extent that no other disease can touch you or put you in any trouble.

 It boosts your immune system, your respiratory system and other essential functioning of the body.

 As per the research done recently,

Showed the recovery rate of patient who has sufficient amount of vitamin D , have showed fast recovery and were more stable then those who are in the scarcity of it.

Look there is in todays time a substitute and supplement to absolutely everything whether for vitamins , minerals ,fats is available and so for vitamin  D as well.

then also I really suggest you that if not much needed take all the necessity vitamins , proteins from their very natural source.

Because  when you take the essentials from the natural resources which itself very 1st introduce the essential to humans , your body absorbs it on a much faster rate.

Role in boosting immune response;


 It has the magical immunogenic responses which protect the body from coming in contact with any disease  and unwanted infection.

Vitamin D is known for promoting immune system with it’s immunoregulatory and anti-inflammatory  properties.

It also accelerate the functioning of immune cells which cover macrophages and T cells, which are known to protect the body from pathogens.

We have seen that the scarcity of it in a body causes many disorders and dis-functioning in body , make body more prone to disease and can cause many immunogenic disorders.

So, we can conclude how much vitamin D is responsible for better immunity and healthier respiratory system.

Covid and Vitamin D

Can vitamin D save us from covid?

A most frequently asked question..;

Well as there is no absolute prove still which can give a clear image on the same but as we talked above that vitamin D pays a significant role in enhancing our immune system so it may save us from sever effects of covid as well.

Okay! Lets talk about Covid a bit

Covid is more a respiratory disease then any viral problem and many researchs also show that

This virus has the long lasting effect on human body and the only thing which can save us from this deadly virus is our own ”immune system” and a very ”healthy respiratory system”,

because covid attack respiratory system very first;

And we also discussed above that how vitamin D enhances our internal system’s response and make us less prone to disease .

At the same time many studies and research have come up

which claim that patient having ample amount of vitamin D are very less prone to sever problems like hypoxia, unconsciousness & many more in compare to those who have the deficiency of Vitamin D.

Also as an undeniable fact it has been come as a conclusion to many disease and research that the deficiency of vitamin D can cause you multiple health issues the very known one is ‘’cytokine storm’’.

Cytokines storm is an uncontrolled situation of releasing of pro-inflammatory cytokines which are the result of infection and many other factors.

Many cause of organ failure and ARDS(acute respiratory distress syndrome is the important concluding factor in the progression of covid and it’s severity.

 Hence , one cannot afford the deficiency of it.

Vitamin D also save adults from life risk as they are more prone to develop many respiratory disorders.

Yes, it is not said that the surplus amount of vitamin D in the body solely saves one from covid but it is also remain a truth that it’s deficiency can cause you much more trouble.

 Many research also claim that vitamin D supplements can improve the body response against many antiviral infections and can prove very much helpful in boosting the healing response of the body.

Many researchers are doing their research on vitamin D as it may saves many and may stand as the roadblocker for Covid, but they are still not came to any definite and absolute conclusion.

But as per many research it can be concluded that it is helping a lot in lessening the probability of severity.

What researchers have to say

Many research work has done on-

can Vitamin D save us from covid?

If yes then how?

many experts on the basis of their research and result said that vitamin D is undoubtedly the best immunity booster and the best immunity would beat the covid as well.

and most importantly it is taken from it’s natural sources like major one is ”Sun” , ”healthy foods” has proved to be more beneficial but as per the need supplements will also work.

As it is helpful in enhancing the immune system and ensure the smooth functioning of respiratory function as well.

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