The many benefits of drinking water.

The many benefits of drinking water.

The Wikipedia defines water as an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odorless and nearly colorless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth’s hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms.

We get it; we get it how important water is for everything; and so is essential for human body. It is merely not just a chemical substance for humans but an elixir!

Certain facts about water and human body

water and human body
water in organs and body
  • Nearly 60-70% of human body is water.
  • Higher than that, newborns have 77% water in body which decreases to 70-65% when they turn one year old.
  • The brain and the heart are composed 73% water, lungs 83%, muscles and kidneys are 79% water; bones too are nearly 31% water!
  • The blood in our bodies is 90-95% water
  • Knowing that more than half of your body is water it is utmost important to keep a check on its levels in our body every day.

The many benefits of drinking water

benefits of drinking water

1.Creates saliva

Water makes the saliva in our mouths that starts the digestion process in the mouth itself. Also the same saliva keeps our eyes, nose and mouth moist from the insides to prevent friction and damage.

Sipping water frequently will keep your mouth clean and prevent bad breaths to form. It reduces tooth decay too and helps keep the teeth clean from food particles.

2.Helps in excreting waste off your body

The various ways of letting waste out off your body is by urination, sweat and defecation.

Enough water consumed will help your kidney to filter better and flush out all the toxins from your body.

Water aids smooth bowel movements too.

3.Regulates body temperature

The sweat coming off your body is the sign of your body maintaining its temperature. This sweat is keeping your body cool during physical activities.

However, replenishing the water lost as sweat is equally important otherwise your body temperature will rise. The body looses electrolytes and plasma when dehydrated and hence temperature rises.

That sticky sweat is good for your body, keep replenishing the water loss.

4.Aids weight loss

weight loss and water

There are studies resulting lose weight due to drinking enough amounts of water daily. As water is 100% calorie free and helps in suppressing your appetite, losing some extra kilos might get a little easy with drinking more water.

Consuming water before meals will suppress your appetite and hence you will consume less food.

Replacing sugary beverages with plain water might be a good step forward.  However, you will have to a lot more to maintain or lose your weight.

5.Water gives you healthy skin

Drinking water flushes all the dirt and toxins off your body making your skin healthy and glow natural.

Water maintains the pH balance of the skin resulting in blemish free, rashes and acne reduced skin.

Water reduces dehydration which might be a reason for swellings and puffiness in your body. You can prevent premature ageing too as water hydrates your body and increases the skin’s elasticity.

6.Aids kidney functions

Drinking water and kidney functions go hand in hand. Your kidney cleanses and excretes all the wastes off your body. Blood urea nitrogen is a water soluble waste that passes through kidneys and then to urine; enough fluids are necessary make this process effortless for your kidneys.

Less water in the body may raise the risks of kidney stones.

7.Circulates oxygen better

Water carries all the nutrients with it and passes it on to each and every cell to absorb those nutrients. The oxygen is in dissolved form in water that flows throughout the body to help cells absorb it.

This aids cells to divide and multiply further.

8.Works as a lubricant for joints

More than 50% of our body consist water; hence the cartilage in joints and spine are also 80% water. Keep your body hydrated will increase the shock absorbing abilities of your joints.

This ability that the joints have prevents the damages to your body parts from strong impacts and injuries.

9.Improves digestion

Your bowels need water for them to work smoothly. One of the major reasons of constipation is dehydration. Constipation can be eased by drinking more of plain water.

The rising of acids in your stomach can cause disruptions in the digesting process hence, water is needed to reduce it and ensure a smooth digestion and even better bowel movement.

Also water works excellently to break down your food and digest it easily.

10.Boosts energy levels by drinking water

 boosts energy

For your metabolism to work at its best good food, great physical activities and enough amounts of water is required. A perfect working metabolism will increase your energy levels and eventually make you more productive.

 Studies show that drinking around 500 ml of water increased metabolic rate by 30 % and the effects lasts for about an hour.

11.Aids cure headaches

Research on hydration showed that water deprivation and dehydration can lead to headache and cam trigger migraine. The study says that those who had migraine aches got relief after drinking water within 30 mins to 3 hours.

Although the lack of studies haven’t completely proven everything correct about it but observations so far say that water have and can treat headaches.

Tips to increase water intake

  • Although not all the studies have proven the exact amount of daily water intake, it is advised to have around 8 cups water daily. Recommended or mot, hydration is necessary and here are a few tips to keep up your water intake.
  • Set a daily water intake goal; if you set a goal of drinking 8 cups of water from morning to evening, keep a track on it through reminders or charts.
  • Switch your beverages with glass of water; whenever having a meal, instead of taking any other drink take a glass of plain water with you.
  • Always carry a bottle of water and keep sipping from it when you are out.
  • Try drinking one glass of water a few minutes or half hour ago your meals.  This way if you have 4 meals a day, some part of your set goal is already taken care of.
  • Add a healthy flavor to your water. Infused water works even better as the benefits are more. Lemon, ginger, mints, cucumber, strawberry-kiwi might help as you drink more of what you like.
  • Eat foods that are high in water contents; cucumbers are 90-99% water. Along with that celery, cabbage, watermelons are fruits and vegetables with good water contents.


Enough amount of water intake ensures healthy function of your brain and body. Knowing what ‘enough amount’ of water your body needs can be done with the help of doctors and your own observations. Consuming adequate water regularly will show its benefits in a few days and then you will not be able to deny the wonders it does.

Stay happy and hydrated!

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