Covid-19, a deadly tending virus which has symptom similar to any other diseased caused by the common virus or flu but has a far drastic effect than any other flu.

And the very certain thing that makes this virus more deadly is its uncertainty.

Yes, it’s a symptom that is very common but the unpredictability makes it a little difficult to diagnose and to cure as well.

Hence in order to actually get rid of this virus, a certain, systemic diagnosis plays a vital role.

Diagnosis and a time bound manner medication will sail you through this.

By seeing the unpredictability and seriousness of the virus proper care and caution are important.

Therefore here are some measures which you can take at a home in order to cure your symptoms and improve your health.

 Before curing you should be aware of some frequently occurring symptom such as-



Body pain

Loss of taste and smell


Now the cure-

  1. Deal with patience and calmness
  2. Isolate yourself
  3. Take prescribed medicines as per doctor’s advise
  4. Steam and hot water gargle is necessary
  5. Eat healthy food
  6. Drink ample amount of water
  7. Yoga & Meditation

Be very aware and if facing light symptoms the cure is Home itself.

Patience and calmness

Look this disease is not there to only kill you but has a lot to do when it comes to your mental health.

If you are mentally strong then you can beat anything, Sail through any troublesome situation and it is just a virus.

So, try to be calm as much as you can because there is no such medicine available in the market which can beat on curing of covid-19 so, all you can do is to show some courage by yourself for yourself and for your family as well.

And when I say patience I mean you have to be calm and hope full for maybe a short duration of time or maybe for a little longer but you can’t afford to lose hope while suffering from the disease because it will downgrade your immune response and affects your body more badly and help the virus to put a drastic effect on the body as well.

As your body takes 14days minimum to show some positive results and a recovery process to start.

Hence, with all the medication and other necessary supplies try to be patient and calm.

Isolate Yourself

Isolate yourself when your mild symptoms are out and visible .

I’m not asking you to connect all the normal cold and fever to this category but you yourself don’t know initially what it is so, better to take care and do not out in public until you are fit and fine.

Not only restrict yourself from going out in public but also avoid the closeness with your house members also, maintain a distance.

Wear mask ,

Cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing ,

Keep washing your hands,

Room you are living in should be properly ventilated ,

Try to live in a separate room but if sharing maintain a minimum proper distance in beds which is 1m at least.

Read good stuff , do not overthink and unnecessary ,

Keep monitoring yourself….etc

And you will soon be fine.

Doctors advise is necessary

Though the cure from mild to moderate symptom are easily doable from home itself but then also the consultation of doctor plays a significant role as the consultation of a doctor saves you from doing any careless act and keeps you updated about the severity of your daily symptoms.

Doctors know the prescribed medicine and the time when to prescribe so, do trust them and keep in touch with your doctor for better and fast recovery.

Like ;


Do not take antibiotics by yourself always seek the advice of a doctor then only take as per prescription.

There are many other cures also available as-

Some unbeatable home remedies

As no matter how much we developed and become modern still the kitchen of our home is our 1st and the most important medical shop where you will get everything required as medicine in the very 1st step of curing.

So, go and grab the necessaries from your kitchen and make the best use of them;

Kadha made up of ingredients possess medicinal properties , like

Ginger, black pepper , dry gourd[sooth], cinnamon[ daalchini], long pepper[ pipli], tulsi etc.

These ingredients you won’t believe have such a medicinal that possess the capacity to cure you in a way shorter period than the medicines do.

Steam and hot water

As covid-19 directly affects your respiratory symptom so you need to take care of it as a priority. And the disease affects the respiratory system by blocking it and it do it by multiple means as by accommodation of cough and by making the tissues dead so, you in all the cases have to prevent it and this you will do it following ways;

 Steam, will not let the accommodation of fat and  makes your lungs feel good which will boost up the recovery process ,

Hence do take the steam atleast twice a day and if possible thrice a day.

And combine your steam with hot water to achieve fast recovery.

Look hot water has a very significant role to play here so, do not compromise on it.

And till the recovery totally say a big NO to cold things and avoid taking any sour dish or food item, it will create more difficulty for you.

Eat healthy food

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body a is the result of healthy food so if want to keep your body healthy try eating healthy food avoid junk food as much as you can.

Drink ample amount of water

Drinking water has significant benefits .

It will calm your body down

Improves oxygen level

Help body to get rid of toxins…etc.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga has numerous benefits it is cure to the body ,

If a person is doing yoga on a regular basis then his body becomes so super competent that it will recover itself on its own.

Yoga has medicinal properties, it has the capacity to transform the body inside out.

It will allow you body breath,

By providing blood flow in every region of the body and as a fact with blood there is also oxygen so, it will boost the blood flow in the body and at the same time of oxygen.

Brahmi pranayama

Brahmi pranayama is the proved curable pranayama in covid as it boosts the respiratory system and the vibration it creates produced nitrous oxide which is known as a cure to any disease.

This pranayama will also help you to be calm and relaxed and once you are calmed all the medicine will start working like a magic and your body will make the best use of them.

Other pranayama;

Kapal bhati ,


Anulom vilom….etc.


As yoga is the cure to your physical body meditation is the cure to your soul so, do make meditation a daily ritual;

Chant OM & Mantras

Chanting of om and mantras is known to cure your body from inside and strengthen the soul.

By regular chanting you will feel relaxed and calm .

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