Say good bye to Acne Scars. home remedies

Bid your acne scars a good bye. Home remedies.

Acnes are our skin’s number one enemy. It is the most common skin problem that everybody goes through. Reducing acne on your face is the half battle won, dealing with the scars they leave is the other half.

Acne is a condition affecting the hair follicle and oil glands of skin. When the sebum that is the oil is released it mixes with dead cell and they together they form plug on the follicles; this attracts bacteria which causes inflammation and redness and hence acne.

Let us learn more about these stubborn acnes and how to get rid of the marks they leave behind.

What causes Acne?

Dr. Hansaji Yogendra, director of Yoga Institute in Mumbai, gives us an insight about causes of acne in a video. She says whatever that we see on the outer side of our body is the result of our internal health.

Causes of acne can be many, in her video, Dr. Yogendra mentioned a few that

  • The sinuses that out near our eyes, under ears if are filled with mucus, chances are you might have acne problems.
  • Certain hormonal imbalances may lead to acne and then scars, these hormone imbalance are the result of inadequate sleep or poor diet and lack of physical activities
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene of your internal elementary canal can result in collecting impurities inside, so proper bowel movements are necessary
  • Improper use of cosmetics, clogging of pores
  • Junk food with lot of preservatives and artificial colors added in it harms your digestive system
  • Dandruff may be the culprit too
  • Other than that stress, hyper tension, your body not getting all the necessary nutrients and not drinking enough of water are causes of acne.

It is very important to know your cause for acne and treat them accordingly.

Now, there are many chemical and other treatments available like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide which are effective but can be expensive at times.

Hence we have certain home remedies for acne scar; some of these are old age ones running from generations to treat skin conditions.

1.Aloe Vera

Everyone praises aloevera gel when it comes to skin treatment at home. It is the most natural and effective ingredient you will find in creams and soaps.

It has salicylic acid which reduces acne. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and treats burns on your skin

Buy it from a drug a store or you can use a leaf from its plant. Take out its gel and simply apply on the affected areas leave it for a while and wash it off. Repeat this daily to see better results.

2.Honey and lemon

Bid a good bye to your acne scars

Easily available at home and packed with vitamin C, lemon makes a good combination with honey which is known to reduce irritation and sooth wounds and burns.

Take a tbsp lemon juice, add some honey to it and apple it on your face or affected areas; make sure the paste doesn’t get too close near your eyes to prevent burns.

Massage it for a minute and leave it till it dries; rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this everyday to ward off those stubborn scars.

3.Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective way to balance your skin’s pH balance. It removes all the excess oil from your skin and cleans the pores thoroughly.

Take 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, dilute it with water by double amounts or more. Take a cotton ball or cotton pad and apply it gently on the affected areas, let it sit for a 15-20 seconds and rinse it off.

Repeat it twice daily according to severity of scars.

Applying apple cider vinegar can cause burns to your skin sometimes, adding a bit of honey helps to soothe it.

4.Gram Flour/ Besan

Bid a good bye to your acne scars

Another at home ingredient to help treat acne scars is gram flour.

Not only acne and pimples, it also is used for many other skin care activities like scrubbing and exfoliating your skin naturally, it cleanses your skin and gives a natural glow.

Take 1 tbsp. gram flour, add rose water and some lemon juice(optional) Apply this mixture and let it sit there for a while till it dries and then wash it off. Do it thrice a week.

5.Tea tree oil

This essential oil fights bacteria that causes acne and pimples and reduces inflammation. Many facial sheet masks has this oil as the serum in it for a healthy glowy skin.

Mix some tea tree oil with large amounts of water and apply it on the affected areas with the help of a cotton pad or ball.

Rinse it off after a few minutes and repeat it every day.

Lack of studies for home remedies might give assurance that these will work or are 100% effective, but all of them are used world wide since ages. Checking with a dermatologist is always advisable for severe conditions and go with their recommendations.

Ways to Prevent Acne

Bid a good bye to your acne scars
  • Wash your face twice a day to keep your skin clean and bacteria free
  • Remove make up before going to bed so your skin can breath properly
  • Always apply sunscreen before going our in sun, exposure to sun can damage your skin
  • Do not pop any acne or pimple you see on your face, it will increase the condition so control that urge to pop it.
  • Follow a skin care routine every single day
  • Drink enough water and keep your body hydrated
  • Sleep at least 8 hours at night and let your body relax and rest well
  • Exercise regularly, it increases the blood circulation and nourishes the skin cells
  • Avoid eating junk and processed food and opt for healthy nutritious meals
  • Reduce stress by indulging in activities that relaxes your mind and makes you feel happy. Stress affects your hormones and hormonal imbalance causes acne.

Summing it up…

Understanding your acnes by knowing their causes and types is essential to treat the condition. Your acne might disappear but might leave scars on your face that are equally stubborn. Don’t you worry as certain easily available ingredients at home will help you get rid of them. It is important to follow the remedies for a longer time say 3-4 weeks to get results.

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