How to Meditate Daily.

In our today’s busy life and being surrounded with a lot many distraction meditations become a difficult task and when it comes to practicing it on a daily basis, a herculean task to perform.

but you need not be worry about not being able to practice meditation daily

Here are the few steps I’m sharing with you and promising you at the same time that if you follow these steps you’ll see yourself improving day by day.

But Before moving further allow me to introduce a quote which you have to keep in mind whenever you face failure that;

Nothing will happen overnight but will happen overtime’.

Steps you need to follow-

  1. Find your ‘’why ‘’
  2. Justify your ‘’why’’ to yourself
  3. Synchronizing yourself  with nature
  4. Comfortable posture is necessary
  5. Chant ‘’OM’’
  6. Focus on breath and thoughts
  7. Learn & practice basic yoga poses
  8. Set small goals
  9. Slowly make it a daily ritual

1. Find your ‘’why’’

How to Meditate Daily.

‘’Why’’ is the cause, the process of keep going and seeking a particular or desired result.

When you set your Why you are giving yourself a proven reason to do something and to master it.

Why is very important because the very 1st stage of meditation is the ‘’Consciousness ‘’ and you’ll be conscious when you know what you are doing further Why you are doing.

So set your why and tell yourself ,the reason as the answer of it .

2. Justify your ‘’why’’ to yourself

The first step i.e. to give yourself reason ‘your why’’ about which we talked above

Second is to justify the reason you gave to yourself.

This may be the second step but mark my words the strong your justification will be, the more you’ll stick to your set goal.

 Look meditation is nothing but your fight with your own inner system, your thoughts, etc. & in order to conquer them all and use their power according to your own desire you need to be disciplined.

So, the above-said step would be the step towers diminishing your demons in the process to achieve utmost sensibility.  

3. Synchronizing yourself with nature.

How to Meditate Daily.

Nature plays an significant role in every act we do.

As we are also part of nature, all that resides in us is the conclusion of the activities of nature so to attain our utmost we are required to synchronize ourselves with our ultimate originator which is’’ Nature’’ itself.

Hence structure your time well, as per the biological clock not according to a man-made mechanical clock.

Wake up when the flow of energy in nature is at its supreme i.e. early morning also known as ‘’Brahma mahurat’’.

Sleep early when your body gives a signal that now it’s time to wrap up everything and go to bed, do not force your body to wake up till late at night it will gradually affect your sleep cycle & ultimately make you sick.

Therefore, stick to the quote we all are hearing since our childhood…

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise’

4. Comfortable posture is necessary


Sitting in a comfortable posture will support you in relaxation and if your body is relaxed your mind’s capacity of focus will enhance.

But do misunderstood me saying regarding comfortable posture as comfortability in posture is necessary but not at the cost of folding your back;

Mark It, your back should be straight.

Then you are all set to move to the next step. i.e. close your eyes and sit there for few minutes.

5. Chant ‘’OM’’


After placing yourself in a comfortable position by straightening your back, close your eyes & focus on your center point on your forehead, you can also put your finger at the center point on the initial stage.

And start chanting ‘’OM’’;

Take a deep breath and by slowly releasing breath chant ‘OM’ more precisely ‘’AUM’’, the sound of the ‘Universe’.

Do that for 5mins atleast .

This will upgrade your sensibility & focus power by calming your mind.

6. Keep track on your breathing &  thoughts

How to Meditate Daily.

After OM chanting you will yourself feel the calmness in your mind ,

All you have to do now is continue sitting on the same posture ,

Do not open your eyes just sit there for few more minutes

 by keeping track of your breathing

 and the thoughts which anyway coming to your mind and you’ll notice that;

 by focusing on your thoughts you will experience none of them because Thoughts are nothing but the free time chanting of your mind.

7. Learn & practice basic yoga poses


Yoga is the practice which train your body to synchronize with Nature and this ultimately evolves certain characteristics ;

Improves Flexibility,

Provides Strength,

Develop stability etc. to your body

And ultimately end up making you firmly determined.

The above said are just the visible effects of yoga but there are wide dynamics of ”Yoga asanas” which are still untouched and the most important among them is,

 It improves the focusing time.

8. Set small Goals

You remember the quote we discussed in very starting that;

Changes will come ‘but not overnight but overtime’.

So , you need to be patient and regular .

How you’ll do that?

Again we discussed earlier

Your ‘’WHY’’, yes your Why will help you to sail this step.

9. Slowly make it a daily ritual

Let me be very clear


Yoga ….everything is nothing but just consciousness of your mind.

If you do it daily you yourself will feel it,

But all you have to do is ;

To do it, daily …

On a regular basis.

And when feel like giving up..



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