Covid-19  a deadly virus that is mutating at considerable speed, so it again becomes a herculean task for us people to keep it in check.

So, here are few measures which you can take as to keep yourself and your family safe and at the same time provide them a better and tension-free environment.

1st step would be –

Do not Worry”

Yes the very 1st and the foremost step is to not get so badly worried, it is just a virus, not as big as you are, as your will power is

So, try to keep a hold of your temperament whenever you feel like something is not right with you.

Being calm will definitely sail you through.

‘’Isolate yourself”

do not go out in public

Do follow this measure because our carelessness is the power of the virus.

You are supposed to restrict yourself from coming in contact with the other person because this way you are putting them in trouble as well.

 You will soon be alright but what if another person who is unknowingly coming in contact with you is not someone with high immune power or so.

hence, do not put others In your shoes, isolate yourself till the time you get alright!

What to do-

Oaky! moving towards our next step that what you are supposed to do while in isolation_

For the fast recovery you are required to take care of yourself in a really good manner;

So, here are some essential steps for you-

  1. Replace cold water with hot water;
  2. Take steam of hot water;
    (at least twice a day)
  3. Take antibiotics and paracetamol; (if you have fever)
  4. Keep a track of your breathing;
  5. Keep some camphor(Kapoor) and Trachelospermum Ammi (Ajwain) handy with you and smell it if you are facing difficulty in breathing;
  6. Do Yoga as a daily ritual;
  7. Being spiritual will also help;

Hot water in place of Cold water:

Hot Water
Hot Water

It is very necessary to drink hot water, it will lessen the effect of the virus.

You will feel better by continue drinking hot water and at the same time, it will also work as a precautionary measure to save you from the virus.

We frequently go outside so, it would become more difficult for us to save ourselves from the virus hence, make it a ritual to drink a glass of hot water when arriving back at home.

Take a steam of hot water-


 It is well-known fact that steam of hot water will open our pores so that our skin can breathe hence it is a sort of beauty hack as well.

And the steam is not only helpful in opening the pores of your skin but also during this pandemic it is very beneficial for your lungs as well.

If you are facing any trouble in breathing and feeling frustrated, just remind yourself to take the steam of hot water it will resist the accommodation of cough in your lungs and speed up the breathing rate

so, enhance the oxygen level and ultimately make you feel better.

If you have fever:


 It is one of the symptoms that you will face fever or cough. so, take paracetamol and antibiotics as per the suggestion of the respective Doctor.

Keep track of your breathing

Keep The Track
Keep The Track

It is another well-known symptom of coronavirus that you may face difficulty in breathing so, it is necessary to take measures before it gets more worsen.

Hence, keep the track of your breathing and if facing any difficulty the first thing would be to consult the doctor, without wasting a second.

Keep some

camphor(Kapoor) and Trachelospermum Ammi (Ajwain)handy with you-

Handy For You
Handy For You

 The kitchen is just like the home medical store you’ll get the necessary ingredient competent enough to cure many ailments of the human body.

Camphor known for it’s versatile properties , so is the ajwain.

And these ingredients are very easily available in every home so, let’s take the advantage of their extraordinary qualities.

Do keep these ingredients handy with you and keep smelling it especially when you are facing any trouble in breathing and if not take it as a precaution ,

Camphor is known to kill the bacteria and enhancer of oxygen level.

If you are facing a drop in your oxygen level this is the most you should be doing.

People who track big mountains like the Himalayas take these aforesaid handy with them and smell them when on top as the oxygen level is very low there.



It is known for its numerous benefits if you are practicing it every day you yourself will able to see a considerable amount of changes in your body and in your mind as well.

There are several pranayamas which you should be doing on an everyday basis no matter if you are healthy or facing any kind of symptoms;

  • Bhastrika pranayama
  • Kapalbhati pranayama
  • Anulom Vilom pranayama….etc.

What I meant when I say ‘’spiritual’’


Spiritual not always means to pray In  front of god for hours.

No! I’m not at all asking you to do so that will completely up to you

what I mean is to chant some mantras .

Mantras have their own vibrations which make some specific pattern in your brain, every single mantra has the capacity to do it.

There is so much research taking place in a number of people which prove that continuing chanting of mantras will leave numerous changes which are observed in the persons and to the extent that they are solely capable to heal the body in faster or relatively lesser in time.

So if you are not a very religious type of person, no issues! alteast chant ‘’Gayatri mantra ‘’for few times on a continuous basis and you will be amazed by the benefit of it.

keep yourself safe

As there is no such medicine is available out there, known as the cure of covid so, better to take care of yourself and your family.

The most important is to take essential precautionary measures and I’m sure we all are come out as Warrior.


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